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Welcome to Systems Bioengineering Group. In this page you will find the initial training material and general lab rules that you need to follow so we keep a safe and happy lab. As a general rule please note that the lab runs smoothly because our members are willing to help you and of course get helped. You will be trained and people will help you with all questions you might have. Be ready to do the same when the time comes. So please respect their time and effort to train you and help you with their projects and be readily available to help the "newbies" when the time comes!

Your goal in the lab is not just to finish your project. An equally important goal is to integrate yourself in the team. Try to be involved in other projects and feel free to bring people in your project (just let me know when you plan to do that). If you have new ideas, please talk to me and so can pursue them if their are feasible. If you face problems with your project let discuss it and we can either change project if needed.

A major effort in the lab, is to keep an academic environment but at the same time not prevent the negative "phenotype" that someone in a our "social system" unfortunately learns and sometimes brings in the lab. The lab should the place you come and work every single day. Please behave as a regular job (ok, slightly less demanding, but still a job). If you cannot come to the lab one day, you need to take that day off in the calendar. So after the training you need to tell me when is your starting day, which is your desk space, and from that day on, I expect that you come every day from 9/10am and stay the regular working hours (unless you have classes). From my experience, this is the most difficult aspect to maintain in the lab and I really urge you to help me on this front.

A HUGE cost of running such a multidisciplinary lab lab is misplaced items. So please keep the lab clean and organised. By keeping the arduino or the antibody in your "secret" place is equivalent to wasting that money: none of us knows where is located and when the time comes we will need buy a new one. This is directly proportional to PhD positions in the lab. So place all items back where you find item, or if they are misplaced place them in a labeled drawers/shelf so other can easily find them. Please take initiative to organise the lab.

Welcome once again. I feel we have created a unique environment with a truly interdisciplinary research that is very rare to find anywhere else abroad. You will make new friends, get helped, and you help others. With your effort we would like to make this group even better.

I will be readily available for any question you might have. Please arrange a meeting with me any time you like (and at least once a month) using the following link:

It will be a pleasure having you onboard.

Sincerely Yours,
Leonidas Alexopoulos

First things first

Talk with Prof. Alexopoulos to assign you a supervisor or collaborator.

Then ask your supervisor/collaborator to help you in order to:

  1. Get access to the mailing lists​ for members and alumni

  2. Get access to the calendars and understand how to use them

  3. Get keys for the lab.

  4. Set you up in terms of wifi and printers


The use of lab equipment, especially the machinery, is very dangerous. You can use it only upon signing this form and Prof Alexopoulos confirmed that you can. To get confirmed you should first read this document and be trained by another member of the lab. Watch this video and be aware that there is a plethora of disgusting videos (in youtube) regarding accidents that I could have linked. Be aware that the safety of the lab is of paramount importance and access to lab equipment will only be allowed to mature individuals.

I'm starting and I have nothing to do! What shall I do? 


Depending on the project, you may want to learn/study the following topics:

Savoir Vivre of a Biolaber

  • Your presence at the lab is mandatory. Students are excused during their exam periods.

  • The time schedule of the lab is 9:30 - 17:30 and is flexible. If you plan to be absent for a day update the "Biolab DAYOFF" Calendar.

  • Clean after yourselves! Smoking is not allowed inside the office or lab space.

  • Be respectful of your colleagues' work. Don't make noises or distractions.

  • If you notice any malfunction or shortage in the stock please inform your supervisor.

  • In your communication with external collaborators cc or bcc Prof. Alexopoulos. Use a mail signature like the following:

Name Surname,
Title (eg. Research Assistant, Graduate Student, MSc Student, Mech Eng Student)
Systems Bioengineering Group
National Technical University of Athens
tel: +30 210 772 1516

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